On The Real 3

Monday, April 4th 2016


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April is going to be a productive month of grinding for the Real Ideal team. Leading up to a new merchandise release, we will be having a sale on the remainder of Season 1 in May.

Recently, Indigo Beck has changed locations from California to Oregon. This move signifies a new stage in Beck’s career beginning with a set at Thursdays Portland EPROM show.

As a team we have been putting in work for summer 2016. Complete project releases from the entire roster are scheduled between now and summer culminating in a TBA July Los Angeles Show.

MENTIRAS has also blessed us with a heated mix of 2016’s finest tracks this far.

Visual art has been a pillar of strength for Real Ideal since foundation. This issue of On The Real will focus on visual media created by the Real Ideal Team over the past couple weeks.


Below are three images I made from scratch. A combination of practical and digital FX blended together. Creating these images were fun and a personal reflection of my imagination and my photography style.


Recently I have been experimenting with a new abstract aesthetic. I have yet to reach a point of technical understanding were I am comfortable naming the work. Most of my design thus far has been on digital mediums. I hope to create font-ready, physical pieces ready for translation into digital media.

Paintings are 18 in. x 24 in. on Cold Press Heavyweight Paper


Dada, Dalí, and Basquiat have inspired me recently. Here’s some of my work.


‘the bug’

‘Group 6’


‘two (paper) towels taped together’



ape on a dot,


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