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Monday, March 14th 2016


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On Saturday night, March 5, the Real Ideal squad invaded Vancouver for a night of chill vibes. Complete with live music from Real Ideal artists, merch from King Bail and a virtual reality headset, the party was lit from 11 pm to 4 am.

Type Z opened it up with bars before Mentiras ran the set through and dropped new original material. After a clean transition Yada Yada hit us with Techno, chopped & screwed, and Grime #Skengman… shoutout to Stormzy. Baph’s set took off and was one of his best performances yet. He premiered new songs off his next project ‘Dada Co.’

Once we hit the after hours, guest producer Joseph L’Etranger took over and played over time showing mad love for the team. Big shout out to Joseph for coming out for the night. #HideTheBottle

Overall the show was a great success. Good vibes, good people, and great music. Vancouver is a beautiful city and we expect to be back sooner than later. With every show, we gain more experience and move closer to our goals. We are eager to get grinding on our next event, so keep an eye out, but in the meantime, stay lit. #MoreHats

Studio Trip

At our Vancouver show we premiered the newest addition to the Real Ideal team, Studio Trip, a duo of visionaries who have set their sights on the emerging phenomenon called ‘Virtual Reality’ or VR for short. They brought with them a desktop computer, a VR chair, and Oculus Rift goggles to share a totally immersive media that is not just entertainment, but an experience as well. We are pleased to be welcoming Studio Trip to the Real Ideal family.

Two dimensional entertainment will soon be a thing of the past; we see VR as the future of the media industry and we’re excited to be some of the first to take part. In the words of the founders of Studio Trip… “Our goal is to revolutionize the way we tell stories and educate one another.”

Project Updates

In the next few weeks we’re expecting some phenomenal music from Indigo Beck. Make sure to follow us on our social media for updates.

‘Dada Co.’ by Baph is expected to be released mid-April. The Saturday before the Vancouver event, Baph spent the week in the studio with Yada Yada and Mentiras putting this project together. It was primarily created between the hours of 9 pm and 9 am all while Yada and Mentiras attended school until 1 pm Monday through Friday. ‘Dada Co.’ was a team effort and a lot of fun to create. Baph is planning visual content with Studio Trip for the project.

Summer is coming soon and we’re taking our first steps. We’re growing daily, we’re winning daily, and we plan to win more. While the Earth spins we stand on the horizon, looking forward.

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