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Monday February 1st 2016

News and Recommendations from the Real Ideal Team

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Welcome to our first newsletter! We’re excited to finally be in a place to put something like this together. Every month we’re going to provide you with reflections, updates, announcements, and anything else Real Ideal related, including free downloads for those subscribed to our mailing list.

On December 19th, 2015 we hosted our first Real Ideal event at the 2312 Gallery in downtown Seattle. With only five days of notice we put together an event that was totally in-house. Everyone involved was affiliated with Real Ideal, and the event signified the beginning of our commitment to succeed.

The week before the event, many of us had met for the first time over Thai food and cigars. Our tempers were celebratory. The night was young and so were we.

What’s Good

Currently, the founders have been working to become a fully recognized LLC based in the State of California and it has come to fruition. We are now officially a legal organization.

For the past two months all of our artists have been creating content while attempting to get their lives together. February is going to be a busy month and will put us to the test more than any ever before.

Indigo Beck recently released ‘Mirage’ which you can find in the links below. This next month is going to be busy for Beck. He has a collaboration with Zero Tep in the works, one with Noer the Boy, and another with Styn. In addition, keep an eye out for Beck’s new track with Night Owl Collective. More music is on its way but y’all will have to wait for a full project.

Indigo Beck – Mirage


Mentiras is putting together a project as well. We are excited to announce the release of his debut single ‘Tempt’ on February 5th. The full album is scheduled for release in April, and stay tuned for a music video later this month.

Since the success of season 1 King Bail has been working on a fresh new spring collection.

King Bail

Baph is working on a small project, called ‘Dada Co.’, that is going to be released in early March. It catalogues the strange relationship between him and the ‘Viper’: a feminine character that first emerged in ‘C H I L L’ and persists today. Baph is also making a series of visual stimulants created around edits of old songs. Also be ready for Baph’s second music video and another single coming out the vault.


While everyone is working independently we are also preparing for a Real Ideal Event in Vancouver, Canada. Location will be announced soon. Make sure to put March 4th on your calendars… this is going to be huge. Rest up. Don’t sleep.

All in all, everything is looking up. We have three team members graduating from college this Spring, Summer is around the corner and we are creating revolutionary content everyday. While the Earth spins we stand on the horizon, looking forward.

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